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About Tim

Award Winning Leader

Award-winning Information Technology Leader recognized for combining original conceptual creativity with technology to design successful web based, mobile and cloud-based technology .

Strategic Leader

Provide both the vision and the hands on leadership to complete projects within time and budget constraints. Special ability to understand a company’s vision and orchestrate a powerful development campaign. Establish and maintain excellent relationships with all levels of the organizational structure.

Experienced Leader

Experience leading technology teams between 20 - 105 employees with multi-million dollar budgets.

Experience in managing both onshore and offshore development, operations and quality assurance.

Contact Tim

taligheri@yahoo.com or call Tim at 678-523-4965





Leading creation of new products, startups, acquisitions, and turnarounds that increase profitability, expand customer base, and drive revenue.

Successful launched SaaS solution that currently has over 1 million subscribers built using Azure.

IT EXECUTIVE with experience in multinational, startup, and Fortune 40 company experience. 


  • Built exceptionally dedicated and loyal team.   Reduced turnover to less than 1%.  
  • Received one of the highest employee satisfaction surveys in the company. 

  • Successfully built 100% of the division's IT group from scratch, including job descriptions, competencies and success planning.
  • Recruited an effective team to conduct a complete makeover of IT engagement practices to address informal, unplanned and unbudgeted IT projects.
  • Effectively trained six senior-level direct reports on capital / baseline budget management and when to insource and outsource projects. 


  • Evolved company production culture to employ offshore outsourcing for IT application development and established partnerships with India and Ukraine companies reducing development costs by over 50%.
  • Implemented work from home policy that improved productivity, reduced absenteeism and improved morale.


  • Introduced Agile/Scrum methodology that improved customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced defects by 80% with implementation of nunit testing and other continuous build processes.
  • Developed new CRM/ATS solution that increased productivity and revenue by 40%.
  • Implemented SaaS company's first cloud initiative using Microsoft Azure.
  • Led development of  Physician Practice and EMR solutions at Per-Se Technologies.


Received several awards including Spirit of Endeavor and Keystone awards for best original concept while reducing development costs and increasing customer satisfaction.



Tim Wise - VP Enterprise Engagement at LeadingAgile

   I worked for Tim for several years at Jackson Healthcare. During that time, our group successfully produced a wide variety of projects from small startups to multi-million dollar endeavors. Tim lead the building of a very talented team and promoted an environment focused on successful development of software and people. We all felt lucky and referred to the company affectionately as "Shangri-La".

Tim listens to those around him and gives a great deal of freedom to his reports empowering innovation. Tim would never ask anything of a person, regardless of position, that he would not do himself. He operates equally well in servant-leader and command-and-control environments which is a rare quality.

He is honest, trustworthy and radiates important information to others up and down an organization very quickly while holding his reports to their commitments.

I consider Tim a mentor and friend. Any company is lucky to have someone of his caliber.       

Danny Ryan - Co-Founder and VP at Three-Will

 I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Tim and his team - he is one of those leaders who is passionate about both the technology and the people who make it happen. He cares not only about the results of his team but also about the individuals and seeing them grow. Tim is all about making decisions based on a strong set of values - something that I'm encouraged to see in action and I'm certain will serve him (and the organizations he leads) well.  

Susan Mesa - EVP at Jackson & Coker

Tim is a true professional who is very knowledgeable in his field. Always pleasant in his business dealings, he has always been flexible and consultative when approaching a new project in our company. Tim seems to balance varying demands very well as he supports several companies under one corporate umbrella.  

Cherrie Bevers - Senior UI/UX Designer

Tim demonstrated rare and essential abilities as a CTO. He inspired and supported his team daily and always offered an open door to new ideas and solutions. Tim has many talents including analytical and development brilliance, excellent customer focus and innovative, forward thinking. I highly recommend Tim and would definitely welcome an opportunity to work with/for him again.      

Bill Woodson - Managing Director of Technology at LocumsTenens.com

 As written two and a half years ago "Glad to work for him now and would be willing to work with him anywhere", it is as true today as it was then. I have worked with Tim at two companies for almost half a decade. I have designed and built many systems for him and now find myself managing developers. Tim is an excellent mentor and friend.

He provides me with a great example of how to lead people, treat people, and provide direction in the profession of technology. Tim listens to his people and expects them to act in a mature professional manner. He has never asked me or any of my peers to do anything, he would not do himself.

If you have a chance to work with or for Tim, count yourself lucky, not many of his caliber.

David Pritchard - Corporate Recruiter

 I have known Tim for over four years. He is the most unique CTO and is the best hiring manager I've ever worked with. As a technology professional he REALLY knows his stuff and is highly respected and thought of in the tech community.

He really cares about his team and it shows. Synergy, is something that becomes a natural outcome due Tim's style and leadership. I can write lots more, but I want him to STAY at our company forever.